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For Families

For Providors

Getting Started in Family Child Care

Some things to think about before starting a Family Child Care Home:

  • Would you enjoy spending a lot of time caring for young children?
  • Would you enjoy communicating with parents about their children's growth and development?
  • Is your home suitable for a family child care home?
  • Does your home have sufficient space to allow you to care for young children? (Space is needed for projects and activities, indoor and outdoor active play, meals, naptime, and a sanitary diapering area.)
  • Do you have enough outdoor play space? or an appropriate space nearby?
  • Will your family be supportive of your running a family child care program in your home?
  • If you have children of your own, will they adapt well to sharing their home with other children for a significant amount of time during the week?
  • Can you keep track of the business details of running a family child care home?

Determining Need
We can help you determine the level of need in your community. Each day, we get many calls for child care and therefore know the demands of each area. The Kelowna Child Care Resource & Referral Program services from Oyama through to Peachland.

You can also estimate community need on your own by checking your local papers for the number of advertised openings from other child care providers.

Conversely, if many parents are looking for child care, there may be a shortage of care in your area.

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